Cuckooland Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

The Cuckooland Website has been designed for use by the entire community. It is an information and communications tool, being constantly updated and reviewed. A website manager has been appointed from the staff to take responsibility for the quality, accuracy and legality of the information on the site. They would also be in charge of the current content displayed within the website.


Cuckooland Website content needs to be relevant to the museum areas and is designed to inform, educate and stimulate. Only staff within the museum who have access to the administrator account will be able to add, edit or remove content from the website. Therefore whoever has these access rights is therefore held legally responsible for all content published on the museum website.

Link to other sites

All links must be approved by the website Manager before being implemented on the website.
All linked sites must be relevant to the subject area and comply with museum filtering policy.


Cuckooland Website does not and will not contain or host any Internet Chatrooms. The closest relevancy is that of where messages can be left on the “Contact Us” section for the school staff to be able to view.


Most areas of the Cuckooland Websitee will be freely accessible by anyone. There will be certain areas that will be accessed by authorised groups only via a username and password. This will be the secure login area for staff to be able to view, edit, remove or add files in the CMS area.


Any complaints about the website content can be sent directly to the website Manager via cuckoolanduk@btinternet.comor redirected through the Contact Us page on the website. The Website Manager will then act promptly to rectify any problems or concerns voiced. In circumstances where the Website Manager is unable to make a swift informed judgement, the item in question will be taken off the site pending investigation.


We will not accept responsibility for the content of any external links. Unless otherwise stated Cuckooland Website have copyright over all imagery and design used on Only the image gallery template has been taken from another website. This has been referenced in the source code. All other functions of the website are fully copyrighted and have been created by independent designers.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Cuckooland Website will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to any other parties than is necessary to conduct services that you have requested to which you will stay fully updated.